Here at Paleo Prime, we get your quest to conquer challenges-- from your morning routine to your workout to your work. Paleo Prime makes the highest quality, most delicious grain-free snacks that don't just fuel, but keep you FED. Our founder, Casey, discovered how much richer life could be when eating a Paleo(ish) diet and has since been on a MISSION to make eating clean easier and more delicious.

The Why 

The inspiration to make grain-free cookies came from my discovery that a Paleo-like diet is not only great for staying lean and athletic performance, it allows the body-mind connection to work properly.  My aha! moment was the first time I experienced the extended, elevated happiness coming from only a change in diet. I realized that high quality food is essential to both physical health and overall well being. I HAD to share my experience and skills with others in the best way I know how: by providing enjoyable, nutritious snacks without grains and processed ingredients. I hope you discover something similar and make us part of your journey.